iSHTA “Southern Sky’s” Campaign

I love to be part of something from the very beginning, so I am thrilled to have been asked to capture images for the first campaign for boutique bag designer iSHTA.

This shoot is one I’ll remember for a long time.   From the start of the day we were praying for the predicted thunder storm to pass go.   With a 6 man tent and a generator set up in the Wellington Point Park, our hair stylist and make-up artist battled wind and mid-day heat to produce amazing results.  Then it was over to me.  We had a hard top convertible MG that was not going to like the still predicted thunderstorm.  After one clothes change, the first drop of rain was felt.   Quick, let’s do the next clothes change and get one more scene in before it starts to rain.  A few more drops.  Hmmm.  Ok, let’s get the lid on the car, we’ll do the shoot in the car.  Over to the tent, our model is halfway through a change and then it starts to bucket down.  Thank GOD I put my camera gear into the back of my car earlier!  As we’re looking for shelter that will get our model and I to the car without getting drenched; lightening!.  Right, umbrellas are out of the question now.  I say “Ok, we’re doing the rest of this scene in the tent!”  As luck would have it, the rain cleared after about 30 minutes and I’m so glad we stuck around to shoot the final scene; we nearly packed it in.  But in those last 30 minutes before the thunderstorm that did send us packing, I got one of my favourite shots of the day.

Head over to and check out the full “Southern Sky’s” campaign.

Much thanks to these superstars for making this happen:

MODEL: Chenaya Aston

HAIR: Nicole Weeks

MAKE UP: Kerry Ordner (Gloss & Bone)

STYLIST: Tracie West-Booth



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