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How do you feel about black & white images?

Personally, B&W is my favourite colour scheme.  My daughter on the other hand, thinks all B&W photos are creepy.

It’s possible I’d feel the same way about colour had I learnt how to process my own colour film from scratch as I did with B&W.   I think my love of black and white hails from many hours spent in a darkroom and the appreciation of just what an art it is to create your own B&W image.

Despite the many, many amazing paths that digital photography carves for us, I miss the thrill of winding my own roll of film.  Of making sure the back of the camera does not somehow open before the film is wound back.

I miss counting down hours until I could get into the darkroom to feed that film into a reel and drown it in solution.  Waiting for that film to dry before getting busy with an enlarger and then the absolute anticipation while watching that image slowly appear on paper just below the surface of the developer, wondering if you’d got it right or if it would need to be done again.

Draining away the colour seems to leave just the raw emotion in an image and to me this makes the image seem more alive.


Take me to the beach

OK so it’s possible that I have a small obsession with beaches and looking back on my photos, it seems I’ve visited a few.  Here are some of my favourites.  More in the Fine Art and Prints gallery

Gloss and Bone Bridal Shoot

Check out these images from a recent Bridal themed shoot for Gloss and Bone.  Here we are showing off the gorgeous make-up artistry that Gloss and Bone is known for, partnered with the perfect hair styling by Nicnak.

You can find Gloss and Bone online here:

Full credit to these awesome people for giving me something special to work with:

MAKE UP: Kerrie Ordner (Gloss & Bone)

HAIR: Nicole Weeks

MODELS: Llena Redoblado and Claudia Nicholls

Vivids 2014

Not long after our car park shoot for Hair Expo, Nicole asked if I would work with her on an entry into another hair comp.  This shoot was a lot of fun and I just love how the girls will go with me when I say “ok, this might seem a bit odd but can you lie on the floor and put a sheet where your shirt is while I stand on a chair above you so we can fan your hair out”.   It was during one of these moments in this shoot that someone walked into the room we were in.   Nothing to see here, carry on!

Hair Stylist:  Nicole Weeks

Makeup Artist: Kerrie Brooke

Models: Jacqueline

Hair Expo 2014

I spent many hours of my childhood in my mother’s hairdressing salon; sweeping floors, making coffees, rinsing perms and taking rollers out.   I remember mum taking part in a hair expo and at the time, I was really too young to grasp it fully.  The music that her model would walk on stage to was ‘Downtown’ by Petulila Clark.  Now whenever I hear that song, I think of hanging around at TAFE helping mum with various little jobs at that hair expo.

So when my fabulous hair stylist Nicole asked if I would be interested in taking the photos for her Hair Expo entry I had no hesitation.  Hell YES this was something I wanted to be part of.  The idea started out with a chair in a field.  Then….QLD weather.  I scouted around for ‘wet weather’ locations. Nicole found the perfect red velvet chair.  I was a little nervous when I told Nicole my idea for the shoot location.  “The carpark under IGA?”  It was grungy.  It was dimly lit….until the fluorescent lights came on unexpectedly.  We put a funky red velvet chair in the middle and models were not allowed to smile.  It worked. It really worked.

Hair Stylist:  Nicole Weeks

Makeup Artist: Kerrie Brooke

Models: Ameliaranne, Jacqueline, Beryl, Jocelyn and Holly

iSHTA “Southern Sky’s” Campaign

I love to be part of something from the very beginning, so I am thrilled to have been asked to capture images for the first campaign for boutique bag designer iSHTA.

This shoot is one I’ll remember for a long time.   From the start of the day we were praying for the predicted thunder storm to pass go.   With a 6 man tent and a generator set up in the Wellington Point Park, our hair stylist and make-up artist battled wind and mid-day heat to produce amazing results.  Then it was over to me.  We had a hard top convertible MG that was not going to like the still predicted thunderstorm.  After one clothes change, the first drop of rain was felt.   Quick, let’s do the next clothes change and get one more scene in before it starts to rain.  A few more drops.  Hmmm.  Ok, let’s get the lid on the car, we’ll do the shoot in the car.  Over to the tent, our model is halfway through a change and then it starts to bucket down.  Thank GOD I put my camera gear into the back of my car earlier!  As we’re looking for shelter that will get our model and I to the car without getting drenched; lightening!.  Right, umbrellas are out of the question now.  I say “Ok, we’re doing the rest of this scene in the tent!”  As luck would have it, the rain cleared after about 30 minutes and I’m so glad we stuck around to shoot the final scene; we nearly packed it in.  But in those last 30 minutes before the thunderstorm that did send us packing, I got one of my favourite shots of the day.

Head over to and check out the full “Southern Sky’s” campaign.

Much thanks to these superstars for making this happen:

MODEL: Chenaya Aston

HAIR: Nicole Weeks

MAKE UP: Kerry Ordner (Gloss & Bone)

STYLIST: Tracie West-Booth